Our Camp Wishlist

Was your last Pinterest project an epic failure but don’t know what to do with all that yarn? Ever dream of winning the World Cup only to quit your soccer career because you didn’t know there was so much running involved? Has your herb garden been sacrificed to a dandelion army?

Now you can move on from your former hobbies, declutter, and help out our camp at the same time! Check your garage / attic / that weird closet no one dares to open for you idle craft / sports / and gardening gear and give it a new life in the hands of our campers! See below for common items that would help us provide to our campers another summer of fun and creative adventures in the outdoors.

We would love and appreciate:


– glue

– non-toxic paint

– tissue paper

– yarn

– glitter!

– watercolors

– paper (sketch pads, water color paper, tracing paper, cardstock……pretty much any kind of paper)

– cookie cutters

– food coloring

– clay

– sidewalk chalk


– hand trowels

– rakes

– buckets of all shapes and sizes

– watering cans

– seeds

– hose

– plants of all kinds (veggies, flowers, and herbs…oh my!)


– soccer balls

– kickballs

– yardgames

– practice goals (we can repair if needed)

– hula hoops

– jump ropes

Music Makers:

– egg shakers

– maracas

– rainsticks

– zylophones

– hand drums

– ukuleles

– washboards

– thunder tubes

– tambourines

Odds and ends:

– birdseed

– potting soil

– card games (old maid, uno, etc…)

– boards games without small pieces

– mancala boards

– bubble mix and bubble wands

– building blocks

– puppets and other animal soft toys

We thank you in advance!

If you have questions about our wishlist or for information on how to donate, please contact Dayna Jorgenson at jorgenson@priweb.org